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SCHOOL FOR MINISTRY - Spring Semester 2019

"Deepening Faith:To Strengthen the Foundations of Our Belief"
Courses from our Academic Program for Interested Lay People
Spring Semester 2019


Saturday, February 16, 2019

Topics covered include the legal, ethical and theological foundations for the prevention of sexual abuse or harassment and the development of safe working and learning places. New church employees and lay leaders are encouraged to register for these workshops. The training is required for lay leaders and church staff, including Sunday School teachers and all parishioners who work with children. Class size is limited. 

LUNCH AND LEARN SERIES: “Hidden Jewels in the Book of Common Prayer”

At our core as Episcopalians is the Book of Common Prayer.

Our worship together is centered in the historic liturgies passed down to us and contained in this book. But there is so much more

Come join us!!


Invite Welcome Connect is a ministry of relational evangelism and congregational empowerment.  Click here for more information.

GODLY PLAY - Winter 2019

Godly Play© is a curriculum with supporting materials designed to encourage and nurture the spirituality of children through storytelling. Grace Episcopal Church in Massapequa, along with Mercer School, is offering this program to help churches who are interested in this approach or who are already Godly Play© users.

Become a trained Godly Play Storyteller

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Epiphanytide is here
Date posted: Mon, Jan 7th, 2019

Happy New Year as we move into Epiphanytide!

Spring semester is traditionally our busiest time. In addition to the second academic semester of the School for Ministry, we welcome new postulants for holy orders, lay ministers and leaders seeking to deepen their faith or brush up on the latest leadership ideas or parish administration procedures, and church volunteers completing mandatory programs such as Safe Church and Eucharistic Visitor training. Mercer also hosts and supports a variety of special events, from our annual Capon lecture to creative workshops supporting Diocesan programs. Congregational development initiatives like Renewalworks and Invite, Welcome, Connect are maturing; existing programs such as the Diocesan Church Development Institute and Education for Ministry continue to grow. At a recent meeting of his Senior Staff, Bishop Provenzano noted that our diocese is expanding -- in church membership and stewardship. He cautioned those present to reject the mantra of church decline and celebrate this growth! This may mean more than just increased participation in Mercer programs. What new offerings and programs should we develop to address the needs of a growing diocese? For us to respond, we need your help. Call or email us with your thoughts and ideas. Or stop by for a visit!

And continue to check our monthly email "blast" (if you don't receive it now, email us) and the "Feature Events" section on the front page of www.mercershool.org.

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