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Members of the Mercer School's extended family are often eager to share opportunities for learning. As we continue to socially distance during our long winter indoors, here are some events which might be of interest and personal growth.

Three-part Virtual Scripture Series first with New Testament scholar Bart D. Ehrman, PhD, M Div.

Scripture Lecture Series Jan 9. Dean of the Peconic Deanery and former Dean of the Mercer School, The Very Rev Denis Brunelle of St Luke's Church in East Hampton announces a three-part series of virtual lectures.

"History of the Anglican Faith" Cathedral Dean's Forum

From the Mercer School faculty, the Very Rev. Michael Sniffen says, "It is with great pleasure that we announce the publication of Grace and Incarnation: The Oxford Movement's Shaping of the Character of Modern Anglicanism principally authored by our own Canon Bruce Griffith.

Caste: The Origins of Our Discontent

Mercer School Trustee and Warden of Church of the Resurrection in Williston Park, Jane Colgrove extends an invitation to a Thursday evening book study series on this 2020 best seller by Isabel Wilkerson.


Emergency website for all Covid-19 alerts" to communicate news, online worship services, and other information to keep our EDLI community engaged during this time apart. Click here 



All in-person Safe Church dates are cancelled until further notice-

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2021 is Here!
Date posted: Mon, Jan 25th, 2021

The winter months ahead offer opportunities to learn and grow through virtual events.

As we socially distance at home, exploring the Mercer School can expand your knowledge through classes, events and the Mercer School's Library collection.

The new catalog of Spring courses for the Mercer School for Ministry is now available. These courses are designed for both interested lay students and those preparing for ordination.

Registration can be completed by linking to the registration page at the end of each course description.

Once you are registered, if you are a lay learner, you can find the recommended book list for your course in the "School for Ministry" tab under Booklists.

Students preparing for ordination should contact the Mercer Office for information on books.

All students must register by Feb 11.


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There are four options:

1. Click on Programs & Events Tab at top of this page. Scroll through the headings to find events of interest. The online system should send a confirmation to your email address.

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4. Register by telephone or email, contact the Mercer Office at 516 248-4800 Ext 140. or merceroffice@dioceseli.org.

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