Understanding Islam


The present moment is a challenging one. Movements around the world are using violence to accomplish their aims. Some of these movements, prominent in the news, claim the religion of Islam as a foundation of their identity.

In the face of our present situation, our need to understand the history and something of the teaching of Islam is crucial to our response to our time.

The following resources, which will be augmented as needed, are intended to provide a starting point and continuation for this learning among the people of the Diocese of Long Island. Further resources will be added, including those regarding the use of violence according to our own Scriptures.

It is our hope that your giving a few minutes to reading and watching these resources will be of assistance to us all in living well our own calling in a difficult time.

Reading Resources on Islam

A timeline of the history of Islam

The Islamic faith summed up in a meeting of the Prophet and Gabriel

Understanding ISIS

Video Resources

Islam, the Quran, and the Five Pillars


Islam and Politics


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