School for Ministry - Courses of Study

The foundation program of the School for Ministry supports the academic preparation of those called to the diaconate in the Episcopal Church. Our focus is on meeting the "competencies" requirements set forth in Canon III.6.5(f), which call for academic studies in "The Holy Scriptures, theology, and the tradition of the Church, as well as other practical and spiritual topics. Following the equivalent of two semesters of work in each of the three areas, an additional two semesters are devoted to Liturgics, Homiletics, and other subjects. In addition, at the discretion of the Bishop, for certain Postulants for the priesthood in full-time employment or special circumstances, courses of study are customized to their individual situations. These students benefit from some of the courses offered in the program for deacons, supplemented by outside offerings and individual tutoring.

Specific curriculum requirements, course descriptions and options are currently under review.