The George Mercer, Jr. Memorial School of Theology Library

A theological library has to meet the needs of many populations; for example, readers who seek theological answers to the problems of life, laity who are answering God's call for ordination, and clergy who are preparing sermons. In doing this it has to address both the popular focus of a public library and the scholarly resource of a seminary library.

The Mercer Library has extensive collections in all aspects of human life and faith, and these collections can address many needs and contingencies. The primary mission of the library is to support classes at the George Mercer Jr. Memorial School of Theology, but circulation is open to all those who register with the library. Members of the diocese may register without restriction; those outside the diocese may register with certain preconditions to ensure return of materials.

Except when the Mercer Library space is being used for closed meetings, the Mercer Library is open to the public on the days and times when the Mercer Office is open. To ensure the success of your research, call ahead for an appointment with the librarian. 

To find current open and staffed hours (or to make an appointment with the librarian) please telephone 516-248-4800, extension 139 or email

This year the Mercer Library collections have been updated and reorganized. To the online catalog has been added all of the library's 35,000 books, and most of these books have been converted from Dewey to the Library of Congress classification system, the scholarly norm.  The goal has been to make the library both a better resource for the students of the School of Theology, and to make it more welcoming and useful to the laity and clergy of the Diocese of Long Island. All are welcome.

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Charles Egleston, Librarian and Mercer Archivist

The primary mission of the library is to support classes at the George Mercer Jr. Memorial School of Theology.