Racism Awareness Sat Feb 28th 10-4pm

Awareness of racism and response to it in our individual lives and in our communities remains as crucial as ever tot he health of both church and society. Participants will be led from an awareness of discrimination to an understanding of racism and other forms of oppression on the personal, interpersonal, institutional and systemic levels. Note the requirement for this training according to the canons of the Diocese of Long Island, Canon 4, Section III: " Education Training on Anti-Racism. All members of clergy, and all seminarians, candidates for Holy Orders, and all employees and lay leadership of the diocese or of parishes, missions, chapels or other diocesan units, shall attend training as approved by the Bishop, on issues of anti-racism in church and pastoral relationships."

Class to be held at St Joseph's Episcopal Church
9910 217th Lane
Queens Village, NY 11429

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