Invite, Welcome, Connect allows churches to become places of genuine connection for inviting the faith journeys and stories of everyone, enabling deeper journeys of Christian discipleship. Invite, Welcome, Connect opens the door to enabling the Spirit of Christ to be at the heart of each church's hospitable mission of spreading the Good News. Invite, Welcome, Connect has circulated throughout the Episcopal Church and, to date, has been implemented in 50 dioceses, at three Episcopal seminaries, and in three universities in the Episcopal Church in the United States.

Invite, Welcome, Connect - Coach Training

Wednesday/Thursday April 3 & 4, 10–4

Go here or for requirements and registration.

A certification program to become an Invite, Welcome, Connect Coach. These days will train people to coach and encourage Invite, Welcome, Connect in their Diocese, Deanery or other area ministry. The training includes Invite, Welcome, Connect basics, visioning and organization to motivate groups to implement Invite, Welcome, Connect.

Invite Welcome Connect - for Schools

Friday April 5, 10 – 2
$20 (includes book and lunch)

This program is for Clergy, Head of School, School Board members, and congregational liaisons. We will focus on building relationships and deeper connections with the schools your congregation runs, rents to, or hosts.
After decades of distance betweenchurches and the schools they have, this day will provide ways forward to reconnect with love, compassion and effectiveness.

Please register here

Invite Welcome Connect - for Congregations 

Saturday April 6, 10 – 4
$20 (book and lunch)

Send your clergy and lay leader team to learn more about Invite Welcome Connect. Use pre-work (available at
registration) to come prepared to build a yearlong evangelism strategy with a unified flow of invitation, welcome, and connection for your congregation.

Please register here

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