"History of the Anglican Faith" Cathedral Dean's Forum

"History of the Anglican Faith" Cathedral Dean's Forum

  • Jan 13 
  • Jan 20 
  • Jan 27 
  • Feb 3

From the Mercer School faculty, the Very Rev. Michael Sniffen says, "It is with great pleasure that we announce the publication of Grace and Incarnation: The Oxford Movement's Shaping of the Character of Modern Anglicanism principally authored by our own Canon Bruce Griffith. Canon Griffith was joined in this effort by Dr. Jason R. Radcliff, author of two volumes on the Reformed theologian Thomas Torrance."

The Forum will meet on Weds evenings starting Jan 13 with Cn Griffith discussing the 16th century formation of the Church of England. Additional sessions include:

Jan 20 The Right Rev William Franklin: the 17th Century Golden Era, the Interregnum and the Making of the 1662 Book of Common Prayer

Jan 27 Dean Michael Sniffen: The 18th century settlement, the Wesleys and the rise of Evangelicalism

Feb 3 Cn Griffith: The Crisis of 1833

To register visit www.incarnationgc.org then click on Grow then on Spiritual Growth for Adults and scroll down to the Zoom link for Dean's Forum: Grace and Incarnation.

SPECIAL NOTE: Canon Griffith's book Grace and Incarnation will form the backdrop for the Mercer School's Robert Farrar Capon Memorial Lecture which Canon Griffith will deliver in the Spring of this year. Date to be determined.

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