December 4th 10a – 12n

We welcome the Rev. Posey Krakowski, priest of the Diocese of New York, award winning fiber artist and lecturer at Union Seminary. We will spend this first Tuesday in Advent contemplating works from the St. John's Bible. You are asked to bring images from the visual bounty already present within your sanctuaries. How does the art and architecture of our sacred spaces inform and enhance our liturgies? What concepts are we internalizing about God and the human condition through what our eyes encounter? Participants will spend the day learning the technique of contemplative group observation of art to use as a catalyst for dialogue in congregations. Our preacher/celebrant this day will be Michael Delaney who will be celebrating 20 years of ordination and sharing the eucharistic liturgy of his dreams.

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January 8th 10a – 12n

Canon Woodley will reprise the Church Conflict Diagnostics and Strategies. Canon Woodley brings 30 years of experience in the study and management of conflict in churches and church organizations. From new vestries to ancient grudges and explosive choirs, we'll look at various types of conflict and how to address them. Please bring a case study of a current or past conflict that has your attention to work on in lab time. Preacher TBA.

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