Safe Church: Diocesan Policies & Information

The Diocese of Long Island is committed to assuring that our parishes and institutions are places of safety and well-placed trust, where the Gospel is preached and channels are open to God's grace.

Safe Church training takes places under the auspices of the Mercer School of Theology. Renewed guidelines for training are available here in accord with the renewed diocesan canons on preventing child sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and sexual exploitation.

Below are the Diocese of Long Island's policies on Sexual Harassment and Exploitation, as well as the policy for the Protection of Children and Youth.

You can access them below or on the diocesen website.

EDLI Safe Church Guidelines

EDLI Policy on Sexual Harassment

EDLI Policy of Children and Youth

For more information, see documents below. For further inquires, email Aissa Hillebrand at or call 516.248.4800, extension 150.

Model Policies for Protecting Children and Youth from Abuse
Model Policies for Preventing Sexual Exploitation
Model Policies for Preventing Sexual Harassment