New Beginnings?
  Date posted: Wed, Aug 28th, 2019

"I will sing to my God a new song: O Lord, you are great and glorious, wonderful in strength, invincible." (Judith 16:13).

Each new academic year at Mercer we "sing a new song" as we introduce new programs, welcome new students, host new gatherings — all in the service of our God. Even in presenting old offerings, mandated workshops, courses taught previously, groups that have come together before, they seem new. New instructors, new students, new material refresh and enhance former teachings; they "sing" new songs.

This year our School for Ministry will add new courses from our second-year academic program as well re-offer first-year courses to new students who will enter academic formation and interested lay men and women. And workshops, events, meetings will support diocesan wide programs such as The Path/La Senda, Recovery Weekend, and many others.

Click on the catalog to the right.  Read on, and Welcome to Fall-Winter 2019-20!

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