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  Date posted: Wed, Feb 1st, 2017

Dear Friends,

As the season of Lent approaches the Mercer School continues to offer programs which concentrate on leadership: in a neighborhood, in a local church, in family, and in the greater world. What do we expect from those in positions of leadership? How do we recognize an effective leader? In what ways are you called to be a leader? How can we help our chosen leaders to maximize our and their talents?

The events listed here are designed to answer some of these questions as we work towards improving our church community. Registration is available online or by email to

Please continue to consult the Mercer School website and these monthly newsletters for updated information on the many events and learning opportunities at the school.

Mrs. Aissa Hillebrand, Safe Church Coordinator, can help parishes with the SafeguardingOnline program and coordinate parish based in-person training sessions. Contact Aissa at 516-248-4800 Ext.150 or

Diane Muscarella, Administrator & Registrar
Mercer School of Theology
Episcopal Diocese of Long Island

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